Friday, November 19, 2010


There is so much excitement that surrounds pregnancy and the imminent birth. But nothing is as thrilling as picturing and dreaming what your baby will look like. Will she have dark curly hair like her mommy? Will she have her daddy's nose? Of all the things we talked and dreamed about, we never expected Eliza to be her daddy's twin. She even has his hairline! One of my friends said, "It doesn't seem fair that you went to all the work and Wes gets a mini-me." Our nurse at the hospital had a theory that when babies are born, they resemble their fathers the most so that the fathers love and nurture them. Regardless of whom she resembles the most, there is no denying how adorable and precious she is. We love you Eliza!

Love at first sight

1 day old. This is when we discovered the hairline.

They love to cuddle.

Already looking up to daddy.

They look so much alike. (Hmmm... is that the same gray shirt in every picture? Just saying...)

Going on a walk together.

I think she might be sassing him here. She might look like Daddy, but we are pretty sure she has mommy's personality. Watch out world!

So cute!

How funny is this? Used an iphone app to get the glasses on her.

Making silly faces.

When daddy babysits, I always get cute pictures emailed to me.

Hanging at the coffee shop.
On a walk together.

In the front pack.

One of my favorites. This is definitely going in a frame.

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