Sunday, January 30, 2011


We have been missing from the blog because our computer died but now we are back! I am vowing to write on Eliza's blog two days a week, Sundays and Wednesdays. So what have we been up to? Well, Eliza has started solid food. We were interrupted by a brief stomach virus that didn't bother Eliza too bad, but hit mommy pretty hard. I'm desperately hoping that my milk supply recovers because it was pretty dodgy last week. I've been drinking tons of water and taking fenugreek, which might make me smell like maple syrup. Yay!

Eliza has been making many developmental gains. She is "this" close to crawling! She's getting up on her knees, but then she just ends up going backwards. She ends up in some pretty interesting spots! She loves Hank and she loves her duckies! Seriously, we've been having an epic battle at bath time over her duckies! When we scoop her up out of her bath, she's always clenching one or two of them. When Wes goes to dress her, she has an absolute fit if the duckies are taken out of her hands. Um, it's kind of impossible to dress the baby when she's holding things! So the duckies were hidden and now they are part of her toys that she plays with on the floor.

She's been sleeping better and better at daycare. We are continuing to work on her sleep at home. This girl can play until she drops. She has so much energy it's unreal. And she is always, always in a good mood. Even if she got up at 5:30 in the morning. Even if she didn't nap that day. She was having some major teeth pain last week, but no teeth have popped and the pain has subsided.

We get such a kick out Eliza. She has the sunniest personality. We went to the Redhook for dinner last night and she was a superstar. Everyone was laughing and cooing at her. In turn she was smiling and jumping up and down and eating up the spotlight. We love her so much!

Waiting for her food!

Her cute teeth (not so cute when she bites when your are nursing her!)

She loves Hank and she is going to be after him!

Nom nom nom nom nom

Beautiful little baby

Monday, January 17, 2011


Well, this was an adventure. Eliza had her first solid food: rice cereal smoothed out with breastmilk. At first she wasn't sure, but by the end she was practically ripping that spoon out of our hands! Thatta girl! She's going to love food just like mommy and daddy do!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

6 months old

How are we at this point already? Why won't time slow down? This has been, hands down, the best 6 months of our lives. Eliza, you are so much fun. You can sit up on your own really well, only toppling over occasionally. You smile and giggle at everything. You are also very determined. You try and try to master a new skill. We love the face you make when you are concentrating. You purse your lips and your cheeks puff out and it makes us laugh and swoop you up in our arms and swing you around! You really like Hank and Quinnie, but especially Hank. Quinnie is kind of afraid of you, but Hank isn't. He wags his tail at you a lot and you are always trying to reach out a dimpled little hand to him. When you play on the floor, Quinnie stands guard to make sure everything is as it should be.

Chubby Baby
We are going to be starting solids with you soon, and I can't wait. I can't decide if we will try rice cereal or oatmeal. Our goal this weekend is to go out and get you a highchair. Hank is totally going to be your best friend now! You've been kind of sick this week, which makes Mommy and Daddy pretty sad. But every morning you have a smile and you don't seem too bothered by it. We can't wait for Spring so that all of these colds will go away!

Ready to walk?
You really want to crawl. You push up on your hands and you are starting to lift your butt in the air. Right now you go in a circle or backwards. You really like our iPhones! We put them just out of your reach and you try with all of your might to grab them!

So pretty

Well, Eliza, you've been in our lives for half a year already. We can't even remember what life without you was like before. I think we might have slept more. But who cares? Sleep is for wimps!

All smiles all the time


Hey strawberry girl!

Rosy cheeks

Loving her story!