Sunday, June 12, 2011


We've been really enjoying the weather and all of the fun things that you can do in the Seattle area. It is so nice to finally get out and introduce Eliza to all the fun outdoor activities that we love.

Last weekend we took advantage of a gorgeous 70 degree day and rode our bikes on a bike trail close to the house. We only went about 5 miles because we weren't sure how Eliza would react to the bike trailer. Our worries were for naught; she loved it! We rode down to a local brewery, the Redhook, where we had a fun lunch on the deck.
In her trailer, with helmet on

Putting down the sunvisor

She now loves straws

She is the cutest baby in the world

Can you see Rainier in the background?

Love this trail

While the trailer is great, it's not always the best or most practical. It kind of takes up a lot of room and you don't know 100% what Eliza is up to. So we ordered a seat that goes in front of us, by the handlebars. Eliza seemed to love it. All we've done is ride around the neighborhood with this.
Aren't they cute together?

Today was another beautiful day. We went on a hike near Snoqualmie in a sort of "secret" spot. It's just  a dirt road that we found when we first moved out here. The dogs can be off leash, you hardly see any people, and it's beautiful and lush. Eliza loves being in the backpack so much! She loves to be tall and to see everything around her. I am so excited that she seems to be loving the outdoors, just like her parents. Next up? Camping!
In the wildflowers

Hanging out on the trail


In the trees

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Eliza has had a fun and productive couple of weeks. She now has 6 teeth and is chomping down on everything, especially bare skin. We are trying to teach her to be "gentle" and it seems to be working. She is expanding her vocabulary and understanding of language. She knows the word "no" quite well now! But does she always listen to it? HA! Not this diva!

Eliza loves to go on walks in the hiking backpack. This past weekend I took her to one of our favorite parks around the Kirkland area in the pack. We saw a blue heron, a bunch of turtles, many different types of birds and a mama duck with four ducklings. They were so cute- super fuzzy and yellow and making little "cheep-cheep" sounds. But Eliza's favorite animal so far is a dog. Every time we walk past a dog, she thrusts one of her chubby little fingers out and laughs and kicks her legs. This weekend we are going to take her to a big dog park. She will be in heaven!

The Seattle area is in full bloom, so we took advantage of all the beautiful flowers and did a photo shoot. Eliza was such a trooper, letting me place her down in weird spots, jamming her next to scratchy bushes, or sitting her on random hills. 

Buttercups in bloom!

Lovely lupines

Taken with the self-portrait option. Turned out pretty decent.

Touching a poppy

Eliza has been getting up SUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPERRRR early lately. So we've decided to take action... we are going to make her into a snuggle baby. So far she has rejected our attempts at snuggling. She'd MUCH rather be crawling or playing or doing something naughty. But lately, Wes has had some success. On Sunday morning, after she decided to get up at 5:30, Wes took her into the living room so I could get a little bit of shut-eye. I woke up about and hour later, alarmed. It was quiet in the living room. Too quiet. This is what I found:

So, so sweet.

Finally, we think the reason Eliza is getting up so early is because she is getting close to walking .Out of the blue, this is what she started doing yesterday:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Time and Easter!

Eliza had a great Easter. She received her very first Easter basket, which she promptly pawed through, tossing all the cute stuffed animals to the side only to chomp down on her new shoes. We can't wait for next year when we can do an actual Easter egg hunt!

We've had some very bipolar weather out here. One day it will be gorgeous and sunny, the next day gray and soggy. But it is so wonderful to see all the flowers blooming and to hear all the birds chirping.

Eliza has a busy month ahead of her. She is going to get another visit from her grandparents and hopefully go on her very first hike and maybe her very first bike ride! We just purchased her a helmet and it looks so cute (but of course!).

Finally, I was told at daycare yesterday that she stood up on her own for a couple of seconds! We are very excited and today, Eliza got up extra early (5:20), so that she could practice this skill! Yay us!
Bunny Ears!

Eliza and her loot!

Our happy family

Having the best time on daddy's back!


What a great view and a cute baby!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

At the park

Today was a stunning Spring day. The sky was blue, the trees and flowers are blooming, and the park was beckoning us. We took it up on its offer.

Checking out the slide with dad

The park is fun

What the heck?

This stuff is weird

I think I might like to eat this

Chubby Hands

I'm having a pretty good time!

Clasping Hands

Mommy made me a dandelion chain


Friday, April 22, 2011

Boy Crazy

Apparently, Eliza is boy crazy. According to the folks at her daycare, she has a strong affinity for boys in uniform. Yesterday when they took the babies outside, Eliza's eyes lit up and she smiled "non-stop" while watching the highschool baseball team practice. There have also been other incidents at daycare that indicate we are going to have to put the clamp down and by a couple of shotguns: She holds hands with one boy one day, a different boy the next, smiles when the dads come to pick up their kids, etc.. It also works both ways. The boys in daycare appear to be "crazy" about her. One boy in particular gets quite excited when Eliza arrives. In fact, he usually crawls over right away to say hi. It is actually quite sweet.

Eliza has had a great week. She received TWO packages in the email for Easter (from Grandma and Grandpa Hammond and Aunt Natalie, and Auntie Megan). For some reason, we were color coordinated all week too (that may or may not have been pre-planned). She went to the doctor for her 9 month well-check on Wednesday. She destroyed the exam room (well, the white paper and made a ruckus with the mini blinds), and found the baby in the mirror to be quite charming. Overall, a great week!

Thank you Aunti Megan!

Super excited about her package from Grandma and Grandpa

Matching in peach

Having fun in purple

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eliza's Exploits

Wow, we've been so busy around here that we haven't been very good about posting. Eliza turned 9 months last week! 9 months! It is so hard to believe that she's been on the outside almost as long as she was on the inside. It makes a little sad that our baby only has (technically) 3 more months of being a baby. It goes too fast.

Well, Eliza has been busy. She wasn't able to shake her ear infection, so she had to go for Round 2 of antibiotics. That was very sad, but she did quite well. She is also eating us out of house and home. This girl is a chunk and is showing no signs of backing down! She is getting to be so playful too! She currently is in love with this black and white doggy from daycare. It's the third toy we've held hostage from daycare!
I love my doggy!
She also got 4 more teeth, at once! Yikes...that has caused a LOT of angst around this house. She demanded to be walked in the middle of the night. Yes, you read that right... WALKED (as opposed to rocked, which might have allowed mommy and daddy to get a little shut-eye). If she even sensed that you were going to sit down, well, let's just say she wouldn't "stand" for it! But, she is still just the cutest baby every. So smily and sweet and gives tons of sloppy baby kisses.
Eliza wearing the first thing EVER purchased for her, when she was just a wee little thing!

We've been getting out, enjoying the "Spring"

Beautiful Park

Eliza loves her stroller. It also doubles as a bike trailer, so we will be getting her a helmet soon!

First time in a swing outside, not sure of what to think.

I think she loves it!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Poor Eliza has been really sick lately. It started innocently with a cough and a runny nose. Then she became sort of listless and irritable and very tired. She stayed home all day last Monday and cuddled with Daddy. On Tuesday, I took her to the doctor and discovered that she had a double ear infection. Not fun! But once the meds kicked in , she was on fire. She also had her two top teeth come in at the same time, so it was like a triple whammy. And this morning? I discovered two more teeth are on their way in . This girl just can't catch a break!

Regardless of all these issues, Eliza has continued to have a cheerful, sunny attitude. In fact, she has so much energy that she has worn her poor parents out. Now we are the ones that can't catch a break. We wouldn't have it any other way, though. We love our little munchkin so much!
Always fashinoable

Always smiling

She's fashion forward!

Full of life!