Friday, November 26, 2010

Eliza Juliette Smith: A Timeline

4 Months Before

3 Months Before: Mommy working for Earth Day

2 Months Before

1 Month Before: Baby Shower

2 Weeks Before: North Cascades Scenic Loop

1 Week Before: Discovery Park

1 Week Before: Discovery Park- Baby has dropped

12 Hours Before: We took this right before we let for the hospital

5 Hours Before: This is your due date! Amazing!

15 Seconds After

1 Minute After:  Mommy is proud!

2 Minutes After: Daddy is in love.

3 Minutes After: First Eye Contact

40 Minutes After: Grandma's First Glimpse

1 Day After

2 Days After

1 Month Later

2 Months Later

3 Months Later

4 Months Later

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  1. I just love how you see her little personality develop! I can't wait to see more!