Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holidays

We had the most wonderful Christmas in Montana with my parents! We finally had a chance to catch up on our sleep and recover from working, colds, and daycare. It was wonderful to lounge on the couch and know that a delicious dinner was being cooked up for you! Or to go take a nap and know that Eliza was being played with and well taken care of. Also, it was nice how Grandma swooped in when Eliza did a little something in her diaper... thanks Grandma!!

Eliza was showered in presents from her Grandparents and her Aunt Natalie.  She was able to meet her Cousin Ruby and some of her extended family. She went to a Christmas Eve Party and mommy and daddy were given a preview of what awaits us (man, 3 year olds have ENERGY!).

She took her first plane ride and she was a ROCK STAR! She saved daddy from an hour and half of misery by convincing someone to switch seats so that he could be by us. We really owe that guy a drink. She was danced with,  cuddled with, and was given so much love by everyone!  She is sitting up on her own amazingly well. Sometimes she topples over, but mommy and daddy are always there to catch her. Finally, she cut her first tooth! Two teeth actually! My little girl is growing up. We are so proud of her and we love her so much.

Eliza loved the fluffy bed that mommy and daddy slept on in the basement. Best.Bed.Ever.

Look at her sneaking a present! Busted!

Sitting up, holding on to her little Santa

Such a cute baby!

Testing out the snow in her new hat, coat and shoes.

Grandma Downey look-a-like

My favorite picture of her

New hat!

Eating her presents!

Getting into her opening them. She had a blast.

She was so enthralled and she knew they were all for her!

She started ripping the paper herself.

Cowboy boots! Yee Haw, she's a cowgirl!

They don't quite fit yet!

Is that all?

Baby in the middle of wrapping paper tower.

Christmas Day

Grandma putting on her hat

My 2nd favorite picture of her


We love our baby girl

The girls

Eliza's own personal Christmas tree from Grandma.

This girl has style

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