Saturday, December 18, 2010

5 months!

I am a week late in posting about Eliza's 5 month birthday. Eliza is starting to hit some major milestones in the 5th month, including her first ear infection... boo! She is talking up a storm. She started with "ya ya ya ya," now it has progressed to "blah blah blah blah" (she says that when daddy is talking... ha!). She's already doing initial consonant blends! So advanced! She is sitting up unassisted for longer and longer, although she is still pretty top heavy. When she starts to topple we yell "Timmmmmberrr!" She smiles when we do that. She goes in a circle when she does tummy time; she wants to crawl badly!
Such a poser!
She continues to dominate at daycare. Yesterday Sandy, the director at her daycare, commented to me how "tenacious" Eliza is. Apparently there was an altercation between her and another baby. They both wanted to a toy, a struggled ensued, Eliza wouldn't let go and "persevered." HA! Thatta girl! She's going to go for it in life, we just know it!

Yo! Don't take my toys!

Wes and I get a kick out of some of these incidents that take place in daycare. Baby dynamics are quite dramatic! Apparently Eliza plays hard all day and is quite fickle in her choice of boys. She's already moved on from the little boy whose hand she was holding just a mere week ago.

I want to be a yoga teacher like my daddy.

Unfortunately Eliza did develop an ear infection from the cold she had in November. She's a tough little thing though; she showed no symptoms until last week when she woke up with her eyes crusted over. I thought that she conjunctivitis, but apparently that is a symptom of an ear infection! Who knew? We've spent the last 10 days shoving pink bubble-gum flavored medicine down her throat. Glad that is done!

Dressed up

We've also spent a considerable amount of time dressing up lately. Eliza is amazingly tolerant of the many outfits that we put on her in a day. All for the sake of pictures.
She has a glint in her eye
Still loves bath time

Pretty in pink

Eliza and her buddy

We are looking forward to Christmas in Montana !

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