Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Fans Arrive

Well, Baby Gaga received a visit this weekend from the founding members of her fan club. She was held, sung to, kissed and cuddled the whole weekend. Eliza had the time of her life! She went shopping twice, was basically bought (and sent from Grandma) a whole new wardrobe. This little diva has so many clothes that she demanded Aunt Natalie and Aunt Megan change them a couple of times a day! Aunt Megan changed quite a few diapers, and Aunt Natalie changed her first diaper ever! It was even caught on film (soon to be posted, haha)!
In her toy box

She's like a mini ET

Pumpkin Patch

In a wheelbarrow

Aunt Natalie

Aunt Megan


Loving the spot light!

Aunt Natalie

New Dress

Pretty Girl

Folding laundry with Mommy

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