Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bath Time

Eliza loves her bath time. She kicks her legs and squeals. Sometimes she has a pouty lip, but most of the time she is joyful and giggly. When we first put her in the water, she looks a bit shocked. But once we start squeezing the warm, lightly scented water on her, she becomes pretty happy. Like the name of this blog indicates, Eliza is a bit of a diva. Divas make lots of demands, and one of her demands is to have her towel heated up before she gets out of her bath. So mommy (the one who gets the bath set up while daddy plays with her) puts it in the dryer, and towards the end of her bath, daddy grabs it out of the dryer. The smile we get when she's placed in that warm comforting towel is all the reward we need.
She's so  happy!

The bath process begins: undressing

Look at her little feet!

Baby chub is the best!

How cute is that belly?

Budda Baby

Not sure if she likes it...


In her warm towel

Those eyes melt mommy and daddy's heart

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