Monday, April 18, 2011

Eliza's Exploits

Wow, we've been so busy around here that we haven't been very good about posting. Eliza turned 9 months last week! 9 months! It is so hard to believe that she's been on the outside almost as long as she was on the inside. It makes a little sad that our baby only has (technically) 3 more months of being a baby. It goes too fast.

Well, Eliza has been busy. She wasn't able to shake her ear infection, so she had to go for Round 2 of antibiotics. That was very sad, but she did quite well. She is also eating us out of house and home. This girl is a chunk and is showing no signs of backing down! She is getting to be so playful too! She currently is in love with this black and white doggy from daycare. It's the third toy we've held hostage from daycare!
I love my doggy!
She also got 4 more teeth, at once! Yikes...that has caused a LOT of angst around this house. She demanded to be walked in the middle of the night. Yes, you read that right... WALKED (as opposed to rocked, which might have allowed mommy and daddy to get a little shut-eye). If she even sensed that you were going to sit down, well, let's just say she wouldn't "stand" for it! But, she is still just the cutest baby every. So smily and sweet and gives tons of sloppy baby kisses.
Eliza wearing the first thing EVER purchased for her, when she was just a wee little thing!

We've been getting out, enjoying the "Spring"

Beautiful Park

Eliza loves her stroller. It also doubles as a bike trailer, so we will be getting her a helmet soon!

First time in a swing outside, not sure of what to think.

I think she loves it!

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