Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Time and Easter!

Eliza had a great Easter. She received her very first Easter basket, which she promptly pawed through, tossing all the cute stuffed animals to the side only to chomp down on her new shoes. We can't wait for next year when we can do an actual Easter egg hunt!

We've had some very bipolar weather out here. One day it will be gorgeous and sunny, the next day gray and soggy. But it is so wonderful to see all the flowers blooming and to hear all the birds chirping.

Eliza has a busy month ahead of her. She is going to get another visit from her grandparents and hopefully go on her very first hike and maybe her very first bike ride! We just purchased her a helmet and it looks so cute (but of course!).

Finally, I was told at daycare yesterday that she stood up on her own for a couple of seconds! We are very excited and today, Eliza got up extra early (5:20), so that she could practice this skill! Yay us!
Bunny Ears!

Eliza and her loot!

Our happy family

Having the best time on daddy's back!


What a great view and a cute baby!

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