Sunday, February 6, 2011

Booger (Poker) Face

Eliza LOVES Lady Gaga's song Poker Face. She dances to it (with a little help from daddy) and we've had to change the title to Booger Face because of the plethora of green stuff that oozes out of her nose. It doesn't matter though! She's still cute as a button.

Well, Eliza is still working on those upper teeth. We've been praying to the Gods of White Enamel that they pop soon because these things are beasts. They only seem to really affect her at night. Oh, the joys of parenthood. She's becoming a better sleeper and is now an even better napper. We'll get back to sleeping through the night one of these days. That's right, I said "get back to" because Eliza used to sleep through the night until she was 4 months old. Then she rebelled. She decided mommy and daddy were having it too easy. Oh well! I don't mind spending quality time with the little munchkin at 2 am.!

I went on a shopping spree this weekend. Eliza got new pjs, a new coat, and 4 new outfits. I spend all my money on her and guess what? I don't care! She's only a baby once and I'm enjoying every minute of it. We went to lunch on Saturday at Whole Foods and Eliza drew crowds. She was looking particularly stunning in pink sweatshirt paired with a hot pink headband. Wes could hardly get down the aisles without being accosted by middle-aged women fawning over our little bundle of joy. Eliza handled it like a true Diva. She smiled and bounced and showed off her bottom teeth. 

She is also continuing to work on crawling. She gets up on all fours and rocks back forth. It's going to be any day now!

New pjs

New coat

1 of my new outfits

I'm outta here!

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